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Radio Lights Switch Without Batteries FreeLux 1 Transparent White button

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Finder YESLY 013B9 White wireless wall button configurable to 2 or 4 channels

Wireless button that allows the control of the devices inside the YESLY system. It can be paired with YESLY devices via the App Finder Toolbox to turn lights on / off or adjust, control electric shutters, and other types of loads and can be configured to control and activate SCENARIOS.

It works without batteries and without the need for recharges.

  • The button comes with a self-adhesive backing, so you can place it on any type of surface: metal, wood or glass.
  • Easy to install without resorting to invasive interventions. It is also possible to fix it on a round box with a diameter of 60mm.
  • It is possible to configure the 013B9 button, with 2 or 4 channels, using the adapters supplied in the package.

Technical features

  • Operating frequency 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
  • Minimum switching cycles: 50,000
  • Operating temperature: -25 ° C ... + 65 ° C
  • Transmission range: about 10 meters in free field and in the absence of obstacles. The transmission range may vary depending on the building structure

For more information see the product datasheet andassembly instructions

Product codes: 013B9, 8012823422251

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