Fluke Networks LIQ-KIT LinkIQ Cable + Network Tester with IntelliTone probe

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Fluke Networks LIQ-KIT LinkIQ Cable + Network Tester with IntelliTone probe and remote IDs

LinkIQ ™ Cable + Network is a Tester for LAN networks for checking the performance of cables up to 10 GB / s and for troubleshooting connectivity problems and problems related to PoE (Power over ethernet). LinkIQ validates cable performance using frequency-based measurements and provides distance-to-fault information along with a mapping of the cable under test. LinkIQ also performs diagnostics of the nearest switch to identify major network problems and validate the switch configuration, eliminating the need to use another device. Other features include the emission of analog and digital signals, port identification by flashing (Port Blink), 802.1x authentication, remote locators and the ability to manage results via LinkWare ™ PC.

The cable test you can trust

LinkIQ ™ measures lengths up to 305m and indicates the distance to faults such as interruptions, shorts and unterminated cables. Using the remote ID allows you to obtain a complete mapping of the twisted pairs to identify incorrectly wired or unpaired pairs. There
The main feature of the LinkIQ ™ cable test is to test the performance of the cables and qualify the bandwidth of the cabling, from 10BASE-T to 10GBASE-T (10Mb / s up to 10Gb / s). LinkIQ ™ performs these tests using frequency-based measurements. Using IEEE standards-based measurements ensures that the connections tested meet the performance requirements compared to other testers that only demonstrate that the devices are connected and are able to communicate with each other. Operators can set performance requirements from 10 Mb / s to 10 Gb / s for a simple pass / fail indication.

Automatic test detection

LinkIQ has the automatic detection function which recognizes a connected device and automatically selects the compatible test type. Automatic test detection allows you to perform:

  • Cable test. If the LinkIQ detects a Remote ID attached to the end of the copper cable, it performs a series of radio frequency (RF) tests to determine the cable's transmission parameters. The parameters are compared to the test limits specified by the IEEE 802.3 standard for Ethernet.
  • Switch Test. If LinkIQ detects a connected network device, it executes a series of queries to determine and report information about the switch or a device. It also determines device information and reports known data rates with full-duplex or half-duplex.
  • Switch Test with Power over Ethernet (PoE). If the LinkIQ detects a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) device it can perform a Power over Ethernet (PoE) test, reporting the power class that the device can determine if it complies with the IEEE 802.3 standard for PSE devices. In addition, the LinkIQ places a load on the PSE to determine if it can support the load of the established power level on the powered device (PD). The PSE is a device, such as a switch, capable of supplying PoE power. The PD is a device capable of receiving PoE power from a PSE. With PoE testing enabled, the LinkIQ automatically performs a PoE test after completing a test of a network switch.

In-depth PoE test

While the PoE standard simplifies the installation of devices such as security cameras and access points, a survey conducted by the Ethernet Alliance of more than 800 installers, integrators and end users found that four out of five respondents experienced difficulties integrating PoE systems . In part, it can be taken into account that the IEEE offers three PoE standards, the term "PoE" is unregistered, and there are a variety of non-standards-compliant implementations. To simplify PoE installation and troubleshooting, LinkIQ displays the twisted pairs where power is being supplied, including different power levels and twisted pairs for dual-signed implementations. Additionally, LinkIQ will place a load on the connection to ensure that the theoretical power is actually being delivered from the switch into the cabling infrastructure.

LinkWare ™ Documentation

LinkIQ provides comprehensive documentation capabilities of the tests performed. Up to 1,000 results can be stored in the tester, which can be recalled and with descriptive names. Test names and numbers automatically increment as they are saved ("Attachment B-1", "Attachment B-2", "Attachment B-3", etc.) and this saves a lot of time during the test cables in sequence. Report data can be exported to a PC for documentation purposes. LinkIQ uses LinkWare ™ PC, Fluke Networks' reporting software, which has supported a variety of testers for 20 years and is in fact the industry reporting solution with tens of thousands of active users. LinkWare can be used to store results and generate reports in PDF format.

Some test examples

Cable test performed with remote connected shows remote ID number 5, length, pairing of each conductor and cable performance up to 10 Gb / s
Cable test performed with remote connected shows remote ID number 1, length and pairing of each conductor, cable performance up to 2.5 Gb / s, but the test failed due to a 10 Gb limit / s set by the user.
Cable test performed with no remote connected shows length and pairing of each
The Power over Ethernet settings of the switch port show the twisted pairs used, the available power and class, and the PoE test results under load.
The Power over Ethernet settings of the switch port show the twisted pairs used,
available power and class and PoE test results under load.
The switch port test shows the port number, switch name and VLAN
along with the theoretical speed and full or half duplex settings. Scrolling down
Power over Ethernet results are displayed.
1. RJ45 port, 2. PASS / FAIL frequency based measurement results, 3. Color touchscreen display, 4. Length measurement shows distance of termination, shorts and unterminated cables, 5. Cable mapping shows type and location of the fault, 6. USB-C port for data export, software updates and charging, 7. Wired "speedometer" provides bandwidth information up to 10G, 8. Backup up to 1000 test results on the unit and data export to LinkWare ™ PC

Additional features

  • Generates analog or digital tones compatible with the IntelliTone ™ or Pro3000 ™ probe to make it easier to find cables in a wall or room
  • Blink Port light on the switch to help identify the connected switch port
  • Compatible with MicroScanner ™ PoE remote identifiers for Ethernet socket identification
  • Gesture-based sensitive touchscreen display
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Simple functionality for network test updates via USB-C via LinkWare ™ PC
  • Charges via standard USB-C port

Contents of supply LIQ-KIT

  • Cable tester + LinkIQ network with remote ID no. 1-7
  • IntelliTone probe
  • quick reference guide
  • USB-C to USB-A cable
  • charging cable with international adapters
  • Cat6A patch cable
  • RJ45 / 11 modular adapter
  • attachment strap with remote ID holder
  • transport bag
  • Product Code: LIQ-100, 0754082152170, 5226619

For further information, please refer to the documents available in the annex

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