Chauvin Arnoux CA5293BT 200kHz TRMS Color Graphic Multimeter with Bluetooth and Android APP

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Chauvin Arnoux ASYC IV multimeters: the best of professional multimeters in the laboratory or in the field!

ASYC IV multimeters: they are suitable for various applications in the industrial, telecommunications and defense sectors. The wide range of functions makes it easy to use for any electrical, electronic or machinery maintenance. From an electronics standpoint, the ASYC IV models are also useful for testing cables, medical and IT devices, or component testing (SMD). The IP67 degree of protection guarantees water and dust tightness, for completely safe use even in harsh environments. In the industrial field, ASYC IV multimeters are widely used in the automation and process industry sectors: food, plastic, concrete, metal, paper, wood, petroleum, nuclear, and more. They are also useful for the maintenance of various industrial machinery: numerical control systems, motors, generators, etc. Thanks to its extreme versatility, the series adapts to the needs of expert electrical installers and professionals in the transport or energy sectors. Accessible, ergonomic and high-performance, ASYC IV multimeters are the preferred choice for teaching and research as well.

Chauvin Arnoux CA5293BT ASYC IV 200 kHz TRMS Color Graphic Multimeter with Bluetooth and Android APP

Portable multimeter with color graphic display that allows direct measurement of the main electrical quantities and an instant display of trends and waveforms. The CA 5293BT multimeter is compact and robust and extremely ergonomic and handy.
Multiple quantities measured around the main function, specification functions, relative measurement functions, mathematical functions or direct current measurement using a clamp give these multimeters the quality of a measurement expert.

High performance graphical multimeters

  • 320 x 240 pixel matrix color screen, high legibility on a black background
  • Multiparametric graphical display of trends in a summary screen
  • Waveform display below 50/60 and 600 Hz
  • Track, cursors and zoom of recordings
  • Internal recording of 10 sequences

Dynamic recorders

  • Maximum number of 10,000 measurements in memory
  • Simplified parameterization of the number of measures of the interval, of the duration and of the memory capacity ...
  • Internal storage of the 10 measurement sequences
  • Interactive zoom function on recordings
  • A simple surveillance mode that displays the time stamped MIN / MAX / PEAK + / PEAK- and AVG

And so much more!

  • Contextual recall of connections
  • Classic USB communication or Bluetooth in option
  • IP67 protection degree, watertightness against splashes of water and dust to adapt to external conditions
  • Ni-MH AA rechargeable battery on the market, the best quality / price solution
  • Autonomy: 100 hours (maximum) on battery with battery level management
  • No waste of time: the tool works while charging

Main features

  • Graphical trend display, multiparameter and 600Hz waveform
  • Multiple analysis tools: Min / Max / Avg & Peak time stamped surveillance, filtering, Duty Cycle
  • Optimized ergonomics: IP67 sealed box, IEC 61010 safety measuring terminal 1000 V CAT III / 600 V CAT IV, power supply via USB charger
  • High range specifications: 100 kpoints, 200 kHz bandwidth and 0.02% accuracy
  • USB, BT and ANDROID application communication via supplied SX-DMM software, SCPI programming commands


  • 4 x 1.5V Ni-MH batteries
  • 1.5m straight / straight red cable
  • 1.5m straight / straight black cable
  • 1 kV CAT IV red test lead
  • 1 kV CAT IV black test lead
  • USB optical communication cable + SX-DMM software
  • USB charger + USB connection cable
  • Instructions for use on CD and multilingual printed quick start guide
Product code: CA5293-BT, CA 5293-BT, C..A.5293-BT, P01196813, 3663653005685

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