Brand: VulTech

Vultech UVR7016EVO-RTN2 Universal Hybrid Video Recorder 5MP 5 In 1 - 16 Analogue + 4 Digital Channels

Product Code: 680UVR7016EVO-RTN2

Inventory Status: discontinued

Vultech UVR7016EVO-RTN2 Universal Hybrid Video Recorder 5MP 5 In 1 - 16 Analog + 4 Digital Channels

The Universal Video Recorder VulTech Security VS-UVR7016EVO-RTN2 represents the new generation of universal devices for recording analog and digital cameras.
In fact, this new UVR line allows the use of video surveillance cameras of the main technologies on the market (AHD-TVI*-CVI*-960H-IP) and supports audio over coaxial.
Equipped with 16 BNC inputs, it supports cameras with a maximum resolution of 5 Megapixels.
It supports a maximum Live resolution of 5Mpx and a maximum recording resolution of 5Mpx Lite.

H265 encoding

The new generation of UVR supports H265/H265+ encoding which allows greater compression of the video signal, optimizing a lower bit-rate and therefore an advantage in terms of streaming and storage space.

Audio over coaxial cable

Just connect cameras with built-in microphone (compatibility up to 16 cameras) to get complete coverage of both audio and video thanks to audio transmission over coaxial cable. Hearing as well as seeing means supervising spaces with greater accuracy, gathering the necessary information and intervening only in case of real need.

Smart Detection and Smart Playback

Vultech Security UVRs of the 7000 series support various Video Analysis functions such as Line Crossing, Area Intrusion and sudden scene change detection. Also, they support Smart Playback function. You will be able to find events such as Motion Detection, Line Crossing and Area Intrusion directly during Playback without setting any configuration from camera or device.

V-Guardian Evo Video Management System (VMS)

V-Guardian VMS is the software for locally or remotely supervising your VulTech Security devices. Thanks to it, it is possible to manage UVRs, NVRs and IP Cameras in a simple and immediate way, without the need for any configuration. Compatible with P2P function.

Setup Wizard

All VulTech Security UVR and NVR devices are programmed to follow the user on first startup in setting the main functions.
A Fast Wizard will appear on the monitor and guide the user through a few simple steps. This way, even novice users will be able to configure their video recorder.

Cloud storage function

The Cloud Storage function allows files to be archived on cloud spaces such as Dropbox and Google Drive.
All you need is an account on one of these services to be able to save recordings and screenshots of your video surveillance system in the cloud.

P2P function

All VulTech Security devices support P2P function. This allows you to view the cameras connected to the UVR, NVR and IP Camera in real time without any need to configure modems or other network devices. We have optimized and enriched this feature to offer high quality video images and a Real-time stream. Time without interruptions or latencies.

Web Cloud function

This function allows you to use a web browser (Internet Explorer) to view your cameras from a PC using P2P technology.
To reach the Web Cloud, simply type the web address
The service is made in Italian and is totally free. Ability to register an account to manage multiple devices simultaneously.
The platform also allows you to configure and set up your own devices.

APP for Smartphones

The V-Guardian EVO application for mobile devices is designed to remotely control your video surveillance systems from a smartphone or tablet.
Downloadable for free from the Play Store and the App Store.
The application was developed in Italy and, thanks to an intuitive interface, can be used in just a few simple steps.
3 ways to connect to your video surveillance system:
  • P2P function
  • Static IP entry
  • Entering DDNS links

Dedicated after-sales service and customer assistance thanks to a team of technicians. Possibility to choose one of the 2 active channels:

  • web forum:
  • platform dedicated to training CCTV and alarm system professionals:

The services are completely free. *Compatibility with TVI and CVI technologies is guaranteed with cameras from the main manufacturers (HikVision and Dahua).

Package contents:

  • Universal Video Recorder VulTech Security VS-UVR7016EVO-RTN2
  • 12V 2A power supply
  • VulTech Security MOU-CCTV Optical Mouse1
  • Sticker "Video Surveillance Area"
  • Software CDs
  • Fast guide

More information in the product datasheet
Product code: VS-UVR7016EVO-RTN2, 8052780302388

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