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Testo 440 Multifunction instrument for environmental measurements 0560 4401

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Used in conjunction with the right probe (probes can be ordered separately), the testo 440 environmental measuring instrument allows you to measure and archive all key environmental parameters. Up to 3 probes can be connected at the same time: a Bluetooth probe, a probe with cable and a temperature probe with type K thermocouple. your daily work

It takes just a few clicks to measure with the testo 440 multifunctional instrument

Take your measurements quickly and easily: the instrument for environmental measurements automatically detects any probe that is connected. This feature saves you a manual reset of parameters every time you change the probe. Clearly structured menus for measuring the volumetric flow rate in the ventilation duct and air outlet, for carrying out measurements with funnels, for measuring the degree of turbulence, cooling / heating power, mold growth as well as to carry out long-term measures they support you optimally in carrying out your daily work

Wireless and space-saving: more applications with fewer tools

Universal use without limits: The universal handle can be connected to all tips, so you can do more applications with fewer tools.
For more comfort when measuring and less cable tangles in the carrying case there is the Bluetooth handle. This allows you to carry out measurements without annoying cables and to transmit the measurement values over distances of up to 20 m. You can also use the cable handle to connect the testo tips. A not insignificant advantage where Bluetooth signals are not allowed

Convenient management of measured values

The multifunction instrument is capable of storing up to 7500 measurement protocols, which can be read via a USB interface or processed in a CSV file on the computer (eg with Excel). With the BLUETOOTH / IRDA testo printer (to be ordered separately) you also have the option of printing a measured value log directly on site.

Intelligent calibration system for maximum precision

With our digital probes you can count on precise results at all times, because the measurement uncertainty of the instrument is lost. For calibration, you just need to send the probes: the multifunction instrument is thus always available.
Text 440 0560 4401 top
Testo 440 - 0560 4401 - Top view
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Text 440 - 0560 4401 - Bottom view

The main advantages of measuring with the testo 440 environmental measuring instrument

Precise and reliable in the ventilation duct and air outlets

  • Wide range of connectable probes: hot wire and vane probe (Ø 16 mm) for measuring in the ventilation duct; large Ø 100 mm vane probes to measure near the air vents and ceiling diffusers
  • Quick calculation of the volumetric flow rate: just configure the dimensions and geometry of the duct section in the menu to view the volumetric flow directly on the display of the measuring instrument
  • For effortless measurement even in large ventilation ducts. In fact, the telescopic rod of your hot wire and helix probe (Ø 16 mm) with universal handle can be extended with the additional telescopic extension and thus reach a total length of 2 meters.
  • To carry out the measurements in the vicinity of the air vents and ceiling diffusers without problems and without scale. Equip your propeller probe (Ø 100 mm) equipped with telescopic rod with the 90 ° square and, if necessary, with the telescopic extension (both available separately)
  • Vane probes in combination with testovent measuring funnels and detectors for measuring IN / OUT air in the vicinity of disc valves, ventilation grilles and air intakes
  • Convenient Bluetooth Interface: Range probes allow you to measure without the annoying cable. The measuring instrument is operated with the button on the probe handle, e.g. to start or stop a series of time averaging measurements
  • The practical magnets allow a comfortable and safe fixing of the multifunction instrument on any metal surface (e.g. ventilation duct)

Long-term monitoring of ambient air quality

  • The right probe for every need: The probes for CO2, CO, air temperature and humidity are available in variants with Bluetooth or with fixed cable
  • Maximum ease of use: just specify the duration and interval of the measurement in the menu dedicated to long-term measurements and then follow the daily trend of the values
  • Internal memory capable of containing up to 7,500 measurement protocols

Measurement of the degree of turbulence according to EN ISO 7730 / ASHRAE 55

  • High precision even with low air velocity thanks to the high-quality turbulence probe
  • Automatic calculation of the risk of drafts and the degree of turbulence according to EN ISO 7730 / ASHRAE 55
  • To ensure comfortable measurements and at any height, we recommend that you use our comfort analysis easel. This stand makes it particularly easy to position the turbulence degree probes in accordance with the regulations

Wide range of probes for clean rooms and laboratories

  • · Probe for laboratory hoods to measure the current in the vicinity of the extractor hood with maximum precision
  • Thanks to its low starting speed of just 0.1 m / s, the ultra-precise vane probe (Ø 100 mm) is the ideal solution for measuring laminar flow in clean rooms. Available in the variant with Bluetooth or with fixed cable
  • Ultra-precise thermohygrometric probe (0636 9771 or 0636 9772) with an accuracy of ± (0.6% RH + 0.7% of mv) in the range from 0 to 90% RH to measure humidity in clean rooms

Contents of the supply

Testo 440 environmental measuring instrument, 3 AA batteries, USB cable and calibration protocol.

Product codes: Testo 440, 0560 440, 4029547019289

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