Weller WR2000A Rework Station 2 Channels

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WR2000A Rework Station 2 Channels With Integrated Pump Weller 300W with Hot Air Stylus HAP1 + Support WDH30

The new WR2 has been designed to offer high performance at an ideal price. Are you looking for a station that allows you to weld and desolder, or weld and use hot air at the same time? Then the WR2 is the one for you!
This new Weller rework station is a further development of the highly successful WR3M multifunctional station, and with its two-channel technology it offers an excellent performance / price ratio. The use of this new station, in addition to the reputation of high quality, highlights the possibility of connecting all the power tools to it. These tools allow you to work more efficiently, safeguarding the tips from early wear.
The two channels of WR 2 can be used to control a soldering iron and a desoldering iron, or a welder and a hot air stylus, even simultaneously. In addition, to reduce energy consumption, the ECO touch-function on the front panel switches the tools to sleep mode if not used.

The WR2 control unit is characterized by:

  • 2 independent channels, with automatic tool recognition
  • Simultaneous use of 2 tools (up to a maximum of 300 W)
  • HAP 200 hot air stylus and micro tools WMRP, WMRT are NOT compatible
  • Check Weller welders and desolders up to 200 W
  • Internal pump to generate vacuum and air flow
  • ECO button for "sleep-mode" mode
  • Programmable temperatures
  • Totally ESD

Technical data:

  • Dimensions (W x W x H): 273 x 235 x 102 mm
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Safety class I & II
  • Maximum vacuum pump 0.7 bar
  • Maximum delivery 18 l / min
  • Maximum hot air flow 10 l / min
  • Temperature range: 50 ° C - 550 ° C
  • WP 80 / WP 120 welders: 50 ° C - 450 ° C
  • WSP 150 / WP 200 welders: 50 ° C - 550 ° C
  • Desoldering DSX 80 / DXV 80: 50 ° C - 450 ° C
  • HAP hot air stylus 1: 50 ° C - 550 ° C

3 kits are available:

  • WR 2000A
  • WR 2000D
  • WR 2002

WR 2000A consists of:

T0053377699 WR2 300W 2-channel control unit with HAP 1 hot-air stylus
T0052711599 HAP1 100 W hot air stylus with 3 mm nozzle
T0051515299 WDH30 Support
Power cord
Grounding connector

WR2000D Consists of:
T0053377699 WR 2 300 W control unit
T0051319099 DSX80 Desoldering 80W with DX 113HM nozzle
T0051515299 WDH30 Support
Power cord
Grounding connector

WR 2002 Consists of:
T0053377699 WR2 300 W control unit
T0052918099 WP80 80 W soldering tip with LT-B tip
T0051512199 WDH10 Ergonomic safety support
T0051319099 DSX 80 Desoldering 80W with DX 113HM nozzle
T0051515299 WDH 30 Support
Power cord
connection connector

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