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Weller WE1010 T0053298699 WE1 Digital Station Kit, 70 Watt WEP70 stylus with ETA tip and PH7 support

New Weller soldering station belonging to the WE Weller Efficiency Line, the line of entry-level welding stations able to offer professional performance together with low running costs. Weller WE1010 is the most powerful soldering station in its category, able to cover a wide range of users from consumer to professional, passing through the educational sector for technical training in schools and teaching environments.

Weller WE1010 is a digital soldering station with an easy to read 3-button LCD display that allows you to easily set the temperature and navigation through all the software features. The station implements software functions derived from WT and WX families such as automatic standby when not in use or the temperature block that stabilizes the heat level to protect the tip and component in order to achieve consistent quality with reliable and repeatable results.

The new 70 W WEP70 welder is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a tip lock by means of a hand-tighting tube that can be unscrewed by hand without tools. This reduces machine downtime as well as management costs thanks to the use of the tried and tested ET * series (see note bottom page) made up of over 20 models to cover all needs.

Complete the welding jobs faster

High performance soldering stylus easy to grip

70W digital station more powerful than 40% compared to the stations of the same category.
Allows faster heating of the tip and recovery time after reduced stand-by. Get quality results with greater precision and in less time

New high performance 70W stylus with molded soft ergonomic handle and tip replacement without tools. The new redesigned security support allows a better grip of the stylus when not in use for greater safety.

Intuitive navigation

Easy tip replacement and reduced costs

The station has been designed with an innovative design that includes the front panel power button, an easy to read LCD display and a 3-key panel for setting the temperature and secondary parameters of the new menu.

Sostiusici the tips also from hot simply unscrewing manually the ring at the base of the resistance, without additional tools. The stylus in combination with the original Weller ET * series tips offer the best performance combined with high durability. The ET * series includes up to 20 different models of tips, all long-life and of high quality but with low running costs. (see footnote)

Safe use

Stand-by mode

Weller WE1010 is ESD compliant. Both the station and the stylus have obtained the certification of campatibilia with the regulations on electrical safety (CE, UL) while the flexible silicone cable is resistant to mechanical stress. In this way the station is perfectly suitable for professional use.

The station automatically enters stand-by by lowering the tip temperature to a set value to save energy and increase tip life.

Temperature stability

Password protection

The station has a high accuracy of only +/- 2 ° C. In addition, the temperature block stabilizes the heat level to protect the tips and components and to help produce uniform, high quality welds with repeatable results. All settings can be password protected to protect them from unauthorized users.


  • WEP70 soldering iron (70 W, 24 V) temperature range 50 - 450 ° C) connectable to the WE1 power supply unit
  • Welder for high performance, easy control, changing the soldering tip without tools, reduced fatigue, more precision
  • WEP70 soldering iron with heat resistant silicone cable
  • ESD station for professional applications
  • Soldering tips with a long service life
  • New redesigned PH7 support that offers secure stylus support
  • WE1 70W power supply unit with functional design and fast heating and recovery times
  • Digital LCD display for easy monitoring of presets
  • Menu navigation key for intuitive navigation for temperature, password protection, standby and automatic reset
  • Stability and blockage at high temperatures for repeatable and high quality welding results
  • Adjustable temperature range WE1 power supply unit: 100 ° C - 450 ° C
  • WE1 size power unit: 150 x 120 x 98 mm
  • Supply voltage: 230 V AC.

* Not compatible with the top models ETH, ETK, ETO, ETS. Instead of these 4 top models it is possible to use the respective "L" versions cod. ETHL, ETKL, ETOL, ETSL. See attachment "Information Point Weller ET for WE1010"

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