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Atmel AT28BV256-20JU EEPROM Parallel, 256 Kbit ...

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Nexperia PBLS4005Y,115 Transistor Digitale NPN + PNP TSSOP-6
-20 %

BC557C PBP transistor 45V 100mA 150MHz TO-92

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Fairchild LM358N DIP-8 Dual Operational Amplifier

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Fairchild Semiconductor TAA630S Integrated Circ...

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LM2575T-5G Regolatore Switching Buck (Step Down) 5V 1A 52kHz TO-220-5 ON Semiconductor
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LM2575T-5G Regolatore Switching Buck (Step Down...

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Maxim MAX1623EAP + Step-Down DC-DC Switching Re...

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MC33204P Quad Low Voltage Rail-to-Rail Operatio...

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Microchip PIC16F876A-I/SP Microcontrollore a 8 bit
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Microchip PIC16F876A-I / SP 8-bit microcontroller

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Special Price: €4.22

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Microchip PIC16F877-04 / P 8-bit microcontroller

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NXP HEF4027BP Integrated Circuit with Dual JK F...

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NXP MPX2010DP Sensore di pressione differenzial...

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Power Integrations LNK304GN Regolatore Switching
-71 %

Power Integrations LNK304GN Switching Regulator

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Special Price: €1.55

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