TV Center with Active Filters Johansson 6700 Profiler Revolution 5 Programmable inputs

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TV Center with Active Filters Johansson 6700 Profiler Revolution 5 Programmable inputs

The new Johansson Profiler Revolution has no equivalent on the market thanks to its revolutionary technology that offers 5 great advantages:

  • The most cost-effective channel conversion solution on the market, with great flexibility in assigning any VHF / UHF input to any VHF / UHF output
  • Installation very easy and fast, without the need for a field meter
  • Extremely clear filters, 50 dB on adjacent channels and integrated 4G / 5G / LTE filters. Profiler Revolution can filter and amplify very weak signals. This is something that our test users could not do in the past with other equipment.
  • Perfect for fiber installation to equalize and optimize signals
  • Outstanding signal quality, Profiler Revolution optimizes the incoming digital terrestrial signal to ensure maximum video quality on end users' TV screens

Main features

  • Display of input level power: no need for a field meter
  • It can process more than 50 channels
  • It can convert a wide selection of channels
  • Clearer filters on the market (50 dB on adjacent channels)
  • AGC in real time on all single multiplexes
  • Flex matrix: complete flexibility in assigning filters from any input
  • Made in Europe, for applications all over the world
  • Profiler Revolution facilitates simple configuration and is the most economical profiler on the market
  • RED compliant

AMP6700 specifications

Inputs - 4 VHF / UHF + 1FM
Exit - 1 main (FM-VHF-UHF) + 1 test port (-30dB)
frequencies MHz
FM: 88 - 108
VHF: 174 - 240
UHF: 470 - 862
LTE filter MHz Automatic selection: 694, 790 or OFF
Entry level dBĩV
FM: 37 - 77
VHF: 40 ** - 109
UHF: 40 ** - 109
FM output power (60dB / IM3) dBĩV 113
VHF / UHF output power (60dB / IM3) dBĩV 120
VHF / UHF output power with 1 MUX dBĩV 113
VHF / UHF output power with 6 MUX dBĩV 110
Conversion - Yes (from any VHF-UHF channel to any VHF-UHF channel)
I earn dB
FM: 35
VHF:> 45
UHF:> 55
Gain adjustment dB
FM: 20
General attenuator dB 20
Slope regulation dB 9
Selectivity dB / 1MHz 35
MER Output dB
VHF: 35
UHF: 35
ESD protection - All inputs

Distributed power supply



12 or 24

100 (total for the 4 inputs)

SD port - Yes (for configuration copy)
Operating temperatures ° C -5 to +50
100 - 240
dimensions mm 217 x 165 x 59
Weight kg 0.8
SKU 584AMP6701
Brand Johansson
Free shipping Yes
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