FLUKE 435-II Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer - EX-DEMO Unit

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IMPORTANT: Ex-Demo units are tools used for promotional and demonstration purposes by our technicians and salespeople. For this reason there may be signs of wear. They are in any case sold with official Fluke warranty as on the new product and with all the standard equipment provided.

The new 430 Series Power Quality and Energy analyzers offer the best in three-phase power quality analysis and introduce, for the first time, the ability to quantify energy losses in monetary terms. The new Fluke 434, 435 and 437 II models help locate, predict, prevent and solve power quality problems in three-phase and single-phase power distribution systems. In addition, Fluke's patented energy loss algorithm, the unified power measurement, measures and quantifies energy losses due to harmonic and imbalance problems, allowing the user to identify the source of waste of energy in an electrical distribution system.

  • Energy losses calculator: the classic measurements of active and reactive power are quantified, as well as the power of the imbalance and harmonics to identify the real energy losses of the system expressed in euro (other local currencies available).
  • Power inverter efficiency: simultaneous measurement of the AC output power and the DC input power for the electronic power systems, using the optional DC clamps.
  • PowerWave Data Acquisition: The 435 and 437 II series analyzers quickly acquire RMS data, show semi-cycle and waveforms to characterize the dynamics of the electrical system (generator start-ups, UPS switching, etc.).
  • Acquisition of the waveform: the 435 and 437 series II models capture 100/120 cycles (50 / 60Hz) of each event that is detected in all models, without the need for configuration.
  • Automatic transient modes: the 435 and 437 Series II analyzers capture data on the 200 kHz waveform on all phases at the same time up to 6 kV.
  • Comprehensive compliance with Class A: 435 and 437 Series II analyzers perform tests that comply with the most stringent international standards, IEC 61000-4-30 Class A.
  • Signal transmission: 435 and 437 series II analyzers measure interference due to oscillation control signals at specific frequencies
  • Real-time troubleshooting: analysis of trends using the cursor and zoom tools.
  • The highest safety class in the industry: 600 V CAT IV / 1000 V CAT III for use at the connection point.
  • Measurement of all three phases and neutral: with the four included flexible current probes, with iFlex technology specially designed to adapt to the smallest and most confined spaces.
  • Automatic trend detection: each measurement is always recorded automatically, without the need for configuration.
  • System-Monitor : ten power quality parameters on a single screen in compliance with the EN50160 power quality standards.
  • Recording function: configurable for any test condition with memory that can hold up to 600 parameters at user-defined intervals.
  • Visualization of graphs and report generation: with analysis software included.
  • Battery life: seven hours of operation, per charge, with lithium-ion battery.


Previously, only scholars could calculate how much energy was wasted due to power quality problems; utilities could calculate the cost, but the necessary measurement process was beyond the reach of the average electrician. With the new patented unified power measurement function available on the 430 Series II analyzers, you can have a portable tool to determine how much power is wasted and
calculate the respective cost exactly. The unified power measurement system (UPM) offers the most complete display of available power, measuring:

  • Parameters of classical power (Steinmetz 1897) and IEEE power 1459-2000
  • Detailed analysis of losses
  • Analysis of imbalances

UPM calculations are used to monetize the loss of energy caused by power quality problems. The calculations are performed, together with other specific data of the structure, through an energy loss Calculator that finally determines how much money a structure loses due to energy waste.


User configurable, long-term recording of readings of MIN, MAX and AVG (average) values for up to 150 parameters on all 4 phases. The memory is sufficient to record 600 parameters for more than a year with a resolution of 10 seconds or to capture smaller variations with a resolution of up to 0.25 seconds. The registration function is quickly accessible using the LOGGER button. The guided configuration makes it extremely easy to acquire important measurements.

Measure true RMS values, peak current and voltage, frequency, drops and jolts, transients, interruptions, power and consumption of electrical energy, absorption peaks, harmonics up to the 50th, inter - harmonics, flicker, network signaling, inrush current and unbalance.


With the Power Log software, you will have reports and graphs at your fingertips. Designed to quickly view data
recorded, the Power Log software included in these tools allows you to view all the parameters recorded on interactive trends. Generate a professional report with the "Report Writer" function or manually copy and paste the images in the report.

  • View the recorded data in simple graphs and tables.
  • Customize the reports by selecting the period and the measures to be included.
  • Create professional reports quickly and easily.

The measurements can be combined with the wiring under examination by changing the color of the tracks on the large color display. The display of the oscilloscope shows the current and voltage waveforms for all three phases. It is possible to move to a diagram
phase at any time.
The phase diagram shows voltage and current imbalances and facilitates connection verification.
Recording shorter changes in a half cycle, with readings of minimum, maximum and average values. You can view up to the 50th harmonic and measure and record the total harmonic distortion according to the requirements of the IEC61000-4-7 standard. The inrush current measurement shows the starting current of the motors and other devices to help identify critical values.



  • BC430 adapter
  • Universal plug adapter
  • BP290 (single-capacity lithium ion battery) 28 Wh (7 hours or more)
  • Set of TL430 tips and crocodile clips
  • Tweezers with WC100 color coding and typical decals
  • i430flex-TF, length 24 inches (61 cm), 4 clamps
  • 8 GB SD card
  • PowerLog on CD (includes user manuals in PDF)
  • AB mini USB cable

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