Almit 82363050 Tin Alloy Wire SC Flux REM1 diameter 0,5mm 500 grams

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Almit 82363050 Tin Alloy Lead Free Wire 0.5mm diameter

Alm- patented silver -free Sn-0.6Cu-0.05Ni-0.035Fe-Ga alloy, which reduces wear on the welding tips and the spattering effect of the flux. thanks to the additional Nickel inside, it offers a high resistance to creep. Melting point 228-229 ° C.

A faster wettability, an absolute consistency of quality, make Almit one of the leading suppliers of wires for manual and robotic welding. Only the best and purest materials are used to ensure consistent quality, from the beginning to the end of each welding wire spool. The flux contains a high efficiency humidifying agent based on natural resin, whose natural water content has been dehydrated through a special process. This serves to reduce the danger that the tin and the flux are not equally distributed along its entire length, a troublesome problem that could lead to short-circuiting and a reduction in the welding quality. The flux disposed in a single core allows an efficient and error-free welding, even in the presence of strongly oxidized components. The components of the flux are patented and are the fastest in eliminating the oxide layer and guarantee an extremely rapid wettability of the connections. This level of quality is confirmed by the fact that with Almit we consume less welding wire and we obtain a higher production with reduced waste rates, with consequent increase in productivity at lower costs.

Main features

  • Fluxing Classification: REM1
  • Alloy Type: LFM-23S - Sn-0.6Cu-0.05Ni-0.035Fe-Ga
  • Patented micro-drives reduce the effects of erosion and oxidation of the tips, extending their operational life
  • Melting Temperature: 228 ° - 229 ° C
  • Flux Type: SR-LA Super
  • Flux percentage: 3.5%
  • Wire diameter: 0.5mm
  • Packaging: 500 gram reel

Product Code: SR-LA SUPER LFM-23-S , 823 630 50 , 82363050

SKU 570AL82372050
Brand Almit
Welding Alloy Composition Sn99,4-Cu0,6-Ni (SC, K100)
Diameter of the League 0.8 mm
Format / Weight Spool 500g
Fluxing Classification L0
Free shipping No
WsdlArticoloObsoleto No
Lead time expected: working days No

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