Brand: Fracarro

Fracarro D-MATRIX 4S EVO Conversion unit from DVB-S2 to DVB-T / C with double PROCAM TIVUSAT HD

Product Code: 584K700494

Inventory Status: discontinued

KIT D-MATRIX TIVUSAT consisting of a conversion unit from DVB-S2 to DVB-T / C Fracarro D-MATRIX 4S EVO and two PROCAM TIVUSAT HD.

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The TIVUSAT D-MATRIX KIT is the fracarro solution that allows the distribution in digital terrestrial format of 20-25 programs, 10 of which can be freely selected on the tivùsat satellite platform (maximum 5 SD or HD programs for each smart card, as indicated by the broadcaster)

  • D-MATRIX TIVUSAT code: K700494 is composed of
    • 1 central D-MATRIX 4S EVO (283132)
    • 2 pcs PROCAM TIVUSAT HD (282083)

The D-Matrix-4S EVO control unit allows you to receive the desired HD or SD programs from 4 different independent satellite transponders and to remodel them in output in the 4 digital multiplexes available (COFDM or QAM) throughout the TV band.

The new compact control unit D-Matrix-4S EVO , which is added to the existing one, introduces many innovative functions. Double the digital programs in distribution !! The possibility of creating up to 4 “ad-hoc” digital multiplexes offers the installer the flexibility to freely choose a large number of contents to distribute.

ABSOLUTE NEW: thanks to the brand new FlexCAM function, it is possible to decrypt with the same CAM the programs coming from different SAT inputs (flexible CAM in OUTPUT). D-Matrix-4S EVO is equipped with 2 universal Common Interface slots which can both be used in FlexCAM mode.

IMPROVED WEB INTERFACE : all the main information available “at a glance” Ability to play audio / video content appropriately formatted via the USB port (the format of the managed file must be TS). D-MATRIX-4S EVO offers the possibility to fully manage both the parameters of the four digital multiplexes and of the individual programs (LCN, SID, PDSD, NIT,…).

Main features

  • Multiple SAT inputs: 4 independent SAT inputs (DVBS2), 4 DVB-T / DVB-C output modulators (2 pairs of adjacent modulators), 2 Common Interface slots.
  • Optimized CAM management : the brand new DMATRIX-4S EVO allows you to manage both CAMs in 2 different operating modes:
    • FlexCAM mode : programs from any SAT input can be forwarded to the same CAM (flexible CAM in OUTPUT)
    • STANDARD mode : each CAM can be freely associated with a SAT input in order to decrypt the coded programs coming only from that specific input.
  • Improved WEB interface : the programming of the control panel is even more intuitive. Basic programming can be carried out using the on-board keyboard and display.
  • " Mux-ad-Hoc" : possibility to create your own mux at will with the programs chosen from 4 independent SAT sources and to manage all the descriptive parameters of the individual programs (LCN, SID, PID, Program name ..) and of the MUX (ONID, TSID, NetID,…).
  • ARP 2.0 (Automatic Recovery Procedure - Automatic Recovery Procedure): allows you to safeguard programs with higher priority and ensure continuity in the service when the incoming data flow exceeds that allowed by the DVB-T or DVB-C standard (bit-rate overflow ) returning everything to the initial configuration when the overall bit rate is within the parameters.
  • AUTO REMAPPING function : possibility to change the channels to be distributed in real time without the need to retune the televisions.
  • Multifunction USB port for upload / download of existing configurations, for module firmware update and for video playback (TS supported file format).
  • DVB-T / DVB-C output modulation selectable during programming: a single product satisfies any coaxial distribution



  • Fracarro code 283132
  • N ° of entrances: 4
  • Input frequency: 950 ÷ 2150 MHz
  • RF input level 50 ÷ 80 dBµV
  • 1MHz input tuning step
  • DiSEqC 0/14 / 18VDC, 0 / 22KHz, DiSEqC 1.0
  • DVB-S2 (8-PSK, QPSK), DVB-S (QPSK) demodulation
  • FEC 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, AUTO
  • Symbol rate MS / sec 2 ÷ 45 (DVB-S / DVB-S2)
  • AFC Range -5 ÷ + 5MHz
  • N ° multiplexes generated N ° 4 (two pairs of adjacent modulators)
  • DVB-T transmission standard
  • Bandwidth MHz 6, 7, 8
  • Carriers 2k, 8k
  • QPSK, 16-QAM, 64-QAM modulation
  • Guard interval 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32
  • FEC 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
  • Output frequency MHz 111 ÷ 862
  • Output channels S2 ÷ E69
  • Typical RF output level: 95 dBµV

For further information see attached brochure and instructions for use

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