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Fluke PTi120 Pocket Thermal Imager 400 ° C

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Fluke PTi120 Compact Thermal Imager

The power of a professional thermal imaging camera in a pocket format. Fully radiometric, it provides measurement data with 120 x 90 infrared resolution (10,800 pixels). 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen display for easy troubleshooting.

Rugged, portable thermal imaging camera for industrial inspections. In the right place. At the right time. With the right tool.

The bigger the problem, the faster it needs to be resolved. The new Fluke Pocket Thermal Imager puts the ability to minimize downtime in everyone's hands. The first line of defense for simple troubleshooting. Stop putting out fires, start preventing them.

With you at work because it's the tool to do everything.

Small enough to be carried every day without problems. Always at hand. Resistant to dirt and water. Able to withstand drops from 1 meter. State-of-the-art infrared inspections right from your pocket to quickly analyze the temperature of electrical equipment, machinery and more.

Automatically save images in the right folders.

Eliminate the hassle of organizing infrared images with the Fluke Connect Asset Identification System. Simply scan the QR code or barcode of your inspection object, and your infrared images, with date and time stamped information, will be stored in predefined folders. Send everything over wifi or upload automatically once connected to network or computer via USB. Time. Now you can save time, efficiently find and document any errors before they become a problem.

Choose your infrared level at all times.

The 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen display features IR-Fusion™ technology to overlay a visual image with an infrared image for easier troubleshooting. Simply slide your finger across the screen to adjust the setting.

The ability to troubleshoot right from your pocket.

  • Automatically organize and archive thermal images with the Fluke Connect Asset Identification System
  • Fully radiometric thermal imaging camera provides measurement data in 120 x 90 infrared resolution (10,800 pixels)
  • 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen display for easy troubleshooting
  • Temperature measurement range from -20℃ to +400℃
  • Six color palettes
  • Able to withstand drops from heights of up to 1 meter
  • Degree of protection of the enclosure IP54


thermal imaging camera; USB cable; soft case; adjustable lanyard. Available for free download: Fluke Connect® software and user manual.

Product Codes:

PTi120, 0095969906371, 5074148, 095969906241, 5302512, FLK-PTI120 9HZ 400C

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